The Trusted Name in Spray Booth Construction, Design, & Maintenance

Since 1971, PAINT BOOTH SPECIALISTS has been a service provider for all aspects of spray booth construction, design/build, maintenance, and service. Our solid reputation of performance is supported by a skilled team of technicians with more than 35 years of experience in the industry.

No job is ever too large or too small. We work with clients in a variety of industries from local body shops to the aircraft industries. More than anything, you can expect the same professional attitude and exceptional service every time.

Automotive & Industrial Services

Lead service and design technician Barry Campbell and his team of experts offer their extensive experience in new construction, service, and repair services. Explore our wide variety of options ranging from emergency services to ongoing monthly, annual, or custom programs. Here's a small example of what we are capable of accomplishing for you:


• Power Wash Booth Walls, Floor, & Pit
• Inspect Drive Belts & Ceiling Filters
• Apply Clear Booth Coating
• Replace Exhaust Filters
• Grease Bearings
• Balance Air Flow

Contact us today to utilize the expertise of Barry and his team to produce the incredible and lasting results you and your company deserve.